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Taizhou Luqiao Xiaofuzhu Sanitary Ware Factory. is a professional production of plumbing fittings of the bell high profile water, drain, and other parts of the enterprise. The company is located in the economically developed Taizhou city Luqiao District South Industrial zone. There are copper red, turning sand, zinc alloy, stainless steel, stainless steel, iron and other materials. Products include water basin, basin water glass, all kinds of floor drain, sewer pipe, P bending, S bending, urinal water, water and other products of the manufacturers.

Taizhou Luqiao Xiaofuzhu Sanitary Ware Factory. has many years of plumbing equipment production experience. Now has a number of high precision CNC lathes, complex machines, hydraulic machines, instrument lathes and other equipment, according to customer requirements to develop a variety of products.

Registered trademarks of "small Fu pig" and other brands to focus on the production of water for many years. Chengzhao dealers, agents and seek common development. Have a small blessing pig, a good life and happiness! Welcome to join the happy little pig warm entrepreneurial team.

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